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Welcome to 18plus forums!

The 18plus forum was launched in February '99 with the aim of connecting people in 18 Plus across the country.

The aim was to encourage and improve communication throughout the Federation by providing a convenient means for members to keep in-touch, promote events, share information and debate new ways of improving their organisation.

The driving influence behind it was the decline of 18 Plus throughout the UK and the poor state of communications between members, groups, areas and national tiers.

Above all there was a need for change within 18 Plus and there seemed to be many members at that time who had good ideas and useful experience who were being ignored or simply left undiscovered.

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This website is intended to augment the main 18plus Forum and serve as a central point of reference for all those subscribed. It will also serve to advertise other 18 Plus online forums.

The 18plus list has grown constantly since its formation and represents one of our organisations biggest success stories.

*Note: The 18plus discussion list is backed up on eScribe so that messages can be easily accessed - read by day, week, month, author or thread.

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Join the 18plus Rebellion!

If you value the 18plus list please seek to defend its future and the right of free speech and access.

National Officers of this federation are currently censored and unable to use the 18plus forum due to a spurious vote taken by a six member National Executive (one member of which was suspended due to his refusal to sanction the decision). Take action now to stop this abuse and defend free speech and the 18plus forum!

Your support is central to the success of the 18plus forum.


Support free speech online


This site supports the Blue Ribbon Campaign for Free Speech Online - to find out more click on the above banner.


Support Free Speech Defend 18plus

Over 50 years ago, well before the age of what's now possible, the United Nations expressed the importance of freedom of speech in the Universal Declarations of Human Rights, Article 19.

"Everyone has the right to freedom of opinion and expression; this right includes the freedom to hold opinions without interference and to seek, receive and impart information and ideas through any means regardless of frontiers."

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